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Enhancing Your Voice

Have you heard of body awareness? It’s the state of understanding the physical sensations and movements in your body. It’s also closely related to the physical voice, as the voice is produced by the body. Join us on a quest to enhance our voice and learn how your body language can impact an audience. Download PDF for more information.

Food-Emotion Connection Talk

Did you know that food and emotions are interrelated? What you eat ultimately impacts your well being hence the phrase “you are what you eat”. This workshop will give you a deeper insight into the nutritional aspects of the food we eat and how it affects our well being and productivity. Download PDF for more information.

Musing Productivity Through Music

When you’re feeling down, just listen to a beat and let the music take you off your feet! Music is one of the most powerful phenomenons in the world. Studies show that music, emotion and productivity are closely linked as music has the power to affect our mood and behavior. Join us and discover how music plays a role in our everyday lives! Download PDF for more information.

Voice for Presence

To become a better presenter, you must first understand your own body language and emotions. This will improve your self awareness, confidence and communication skills. Learn how to garner attention from an audience and find your presentation voice with us! Download PDF for more information.

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