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For a long time, mental well-being of its people has been a topic that is shied away from by organisations. Yet, burn-out, toxic environments, lack of safety (psychological/emotional safety), passiveness, disconnection and disassociation are some of the many factors affecting mental well-being of a person in the workplace.

These negative feelings run deep, affecting optimal performance, and diminish contribution to the organization. In the mid to long term, people within the organisation fall short of their KPIs and are not willing to contribute meaningfully. 

The pandemic has created a window to re-empower, recharge and reset a new awakened presence amongst the people within your organisation.

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How COMB can assist to improve mental Well-Being in the organisation

And with improved mental Wellbeing, your organization will be able to:

COMB mental well-being programmes

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Signature program: Introduction to Mental wellbeing in the workplace

* Where possible, a suitable and conducive environment would be advised if necessary
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Customized workshops and programme catered to client’s specific requirements