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Your staff and team are YOUR assets

As business leaders, you want to build your dream into a sustainable and flourishing success story. You also know that no man is an island, so you have assembled your dream team to help you get there.

With shared values, mission and a strong buy-in into your vision, they help you accomplish those milestones and goals. They are an extension of you – a force that is in tune with you, sharing all that which you envisioned.

And you know, it takes hard work, considerable time and effort to get them there and then keep them there. They are individuals with unique talents with the potential to enrich beyond what you might expect when given the appropriate catalysts. 

COMB’s uniquely designed methodologies start with that premise – to bring out the best that your people can offer from the best of who they can be, with more hits and less misses.

The work is a unique mix which includes foundational work centered around wellbeing (mentally, physically and emotionally), awareness and essential qualities to practically bring out each persons’ latent potential.

The People We Serve

corporate and team

Corporates & Teams

Many challenges exist for teams in international corporations. Transcending geographical boundaries is just the tip...

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Startup and SME

Startups & SMEs

COMB’s impact of tweaking and reigning in the team will help strike that balance of somatic awareness, stress management and nimbleness...

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founders and professionals

Founders & Professionals

Founders as the name suggests are visionaries. The initiator, they are usually focused on the macro and big picture...

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organizations and communities

Organizations & Communities

Tension Release Exercise (TRE) is a powerful self healing modality gaining recognition around the world for helping the body...

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How We Work

We elicit the best from your people through awakening the unrealized potential within

This is accomplished through programme designs that are coaching-centric with a delivery focused on:

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Upgrade Your Skills Upgrade Your Life

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