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Hi, I’m Cassandra Nadira Lee.
A Somatic Coach and TRE® Practitioner.

Here’s what I believe….

Stress, fear, and a lack of direction is the silent enemy.

It causes sleepless nights. Aches and pains. Emotional suppression. Frustrations. Procrastination.

It stops us from thinking clearly. Causes miscommunication and strained relationships.

Most of all, it gets trapped in our body.

Past experiences and trauma become embedded in our nervous system, influencing our reactions and behaviour.

It causes an inability to speak up and voice your real opinions. Chronic headaches,  short tempers and unease. Clouded thinking and repeatedly having the same issues, no matter how many times you try to change.

That’s why, when it comes to performance and unlocking potential, you have to release unconscious patterns (on an emotional AND physical level) to move forward in new and bigger ways.

I believe the most effective way to do that is through a MindBody approach called TRE® and somatic coaching.

Combining the two modalities, I help organisations and people overcome fears, harness their strengths, and build emotional resilience.

Let’s work together.

Using TRE®, I have seen people let go of stress, past hurts, and even illness. I have seen them achieve incredible things.

Here's how I can help...