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Performance and Mental Well-Being

Central to COMB’s work is creating psychological safety and managing the well-being of the self and team as the way to performance and sustainable results. Take care of the fundamentals and the machinery will reward with smooth and reliable operation, ironing challenges with ease and confidence.

Uncover, Discover and Recover

What You Can Expect
  • Working below the waterline to uncover beyond the conscious where powerful patterns have a deep hold. Discover new awareness moving forward and recover purpose and drive. The end results are improved team dynamics, sustainable leadership, improved KPIs, constructive conflicts, breaking down of unconscious biases are some of the differences to expect.

The analogy is like a pit stop in motor racing where there are 3 components

1. The Team (People)

2. The Car (Organisation)

3. The Driver (Product)


Where skills, resources, purpose, and attitudes are clear, especially speed and efficiency, things can move much faster. It becomes team collaboration and communication are forged.

The car’s main priority is to be in perfect working order – well oiled, efficient, optimal. After some time, an overhaul will be necessary to regain these efficiencies. At the end of the day it is to serve the skills of the person in the driver’s seat who is able to fully exercise his skills in full abandonment because 1 & 2 are well taken care of.

Interested to find out how to tune up your team?

Expected outcomes

  • Increased awareness of self, others and patterns through experiential modalities
  • Increased feeling of safety with self and others
  • Develop focused and clearer thinking and objectivity
  • Greater drive and motivation
  • Practical application of learnings into workplace and life
  • Engagement and connectivity
  • Less unconscious biases

Improved mental well-being will bring to teams

  • Open and authentic communication
  • Improved team dynamics
  • Improved KPIs
  • Increased creativity and resourcefulness
  • Constructive conflicts
  • Clear purpose and intention to results
  • Sustainable leadership and results unlock Your Full
  • Potential with COMB Coaching