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Cassandra Lee - Associate Certified Coach

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Welcome to COMB, where we ignite the potential within each individual to catalyse extraordinary personal and professional growth. Founded by Cassandra Nadira Lee, our journey is fuelled by the belief in the boundless capacity of the human spirit. We understand that with the right coaching, individuals can surpass their own expectations, achieving remarkable results that redefine what is possible.

Our Vision and Mission

At COMB, sustainable transformational leadership is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Our vision is to empower individuals to live powerfully, while our mission is to expedite performance and cultivate fulfillment through comprehensive self-development and team alignment.

Lives Touched &

Harnessing over six decades of collective experience, Cassandra and her team have meticulously crafted methodologies grounded in ontological coaching, emotional intelligence, and somatic practices. This expertise has fostered intimate collaborations with professionals, founders, and corporations, guiding them through pivotal leadership transitions and optimizing performance.

In a landscape characterized by perpetual change, COMB remains dedicated to evolution, constantly adapting to meet emerging needs. As organizations increasingly recognize the pivotal role of effective leadership in driving success, our expanded team and services stand ready to meet the demand. We empower leaders with agile methodologies, equipping them to navigate dynamic challenges, enhance employee engagement, and foster cohesive teams aligned with strategic objectives.

COMB offers a holistic approach, integrating both mental and physical dimensions through technical training encompassing competency frameworks, leadership development, agile mindset cultivation, and strategic team alignment. Our offerings extend to workplace coaching for managers and high-potential planning, ensuring comprehensive support tailored to organizational requirements.

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