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Cassandra Lee - Associate Certified Coach

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Cassandra Lee started COMB (connecting Mind and Body) with the belief that in order to fulfill and access one’s fullest potential, self development must be wholesome. This sees the development of the human being as a whole – incorporating, engaging and connecting not just the body, but everything that is within and unseen – mind and one’s spirit, influencing trust, inner safety, emotional and psychological well being. At its heart, COMB believes sustainable change can only happen when there is:

A deep sense of calm and clarity is usually accompanied by a new awareness which deepens with the connection to our bodies. There is a natural healing force in-built in each one of us. By tapping into and bringing into our awareness, the innate wisdom that is in the body, one can experience immediate, life-altering and sustainable results.

Lives Touched &

The methodologies have been adapted and refined through the culmination of experiences and development methodology that Cassandra and her team have gone through in their own development with combined experience exceeding 60 years.

It is with deep felt being and driven commitment that she has worked with professionals, founders, and corporations with somatic coaching and Tension Release modalities.

She co-creates with her clients and customizes with each client how she can assist them in their leadership, transitions and performance developmental objectives. This COMB does with its eyes open on dynamic changes as they happen.

The need for deeper trust and confidence through better employee engagement, resolving conflicts amongst teams, guiding teams with dynamic work calls for her to expand her team in COMB’s offerings.

And when Covid hit the world in 2020, her stand for mental wellbeing took her to another level where she assisted more clients and their families with issues on stress, anxiety and burnout, both locally and internationally.

With the expanded team, COMB now works with clients on multiple offerings from workshops, coaching to mental wellbeing.

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