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Founders & Professionals

Founders as the name suggests are visionaries. The initiator, they are usually focused on the macro and big picture. The professional also has solid credentials and strong motivations and is often driven and ambitious to move up the ladder to reach the top of the game. They are great at leading themselves but are perhaps not so tuned to understand or manage people under them – often coming across as lacking EQ or empowerment.

The positions they are likely to be holding also makes it difficult for them to express any kind of vulnerability or even perhaps humaness since that might be perceived as a sign of weakness. This in turn results in some level of overcompensation. The result is an ever repeating loop that eventually wears out themselves and those around them.

COMB’s prerogative in it’s customised applied methodology to help reconciliate these apparent opposing qualities to create a more effective leadership that is awake, conscious and connected.

It is working specifically to enhance the skills in communication to manage and empower those you work with. It also will enhance and expand your development in areas areas that you feel could be better


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