Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®)

Tap into your body’s natural healing ability

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TRE® Group Session

TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) is a powerful self-healing modality slowing gaining recognition around the world for helping the body release deep muscular patterns of stress, anxiety and trauma.

I’m proud to be one of the pioneering practitioners in Singapore, bringing its benefits to as many people as possible.

It is an effective treatment for stress management, PTSD and overcoming anxiety – and promotes cohesiveness and openness between participants (achieving limbic resonance) which can be used for dispute resolution, team building and open effective communication.

How does it work?

TRE® taps into your body’s natural healing abilities by activating a natural reflex mechanism of shaking and vibrating that releases muscular tension.

When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated, it releases the aborted flight and fight emotional charge stored in the brain stem, and restores balance to our body system. As such, our autonomic system can then work better for us to enjoy improved sleep quality, reduction of pain/sore caused by stress, better focus, increased self-confidence etc.

The therapeutic muscle tremors are a natural, internal, neuro-physiological response of the body.

Practicing TRE® builds a deeper mind-body awareness and connection, by empowering you to process and release unprocessed emotions and reduce stress.

We offer one to one sessions as well as group workshops for organizations and teams. Let us have a conversation to best serve your needs.

1 hour Individual Introductory Session

For our face to face or zoom one hour introductory session, you receive the undivided attention of our certified provider to guide you to learn TRE®, being totally sensitive and attentive to your emotional needs and circumstances. And customize the learning to your progress


TRE® Healing Packages

TRE® Individual Package

TRE® Couples Package


Gain one-on-one support to overcome the trauma, tension and stress that prevents you from achieving your goals.

I’ll guide you through the TRE® process and support you on your path to self-healing.

$399 $600


3 x one-hour TRE® sessions which can be completed within 3 months 


Incorporated performance somatic coaching with your TRE® sessions

3 x 1.5 hours TRE® with somatic coaching sessions, completed within 3 months




3 x one-hour TRE® sessions which can be completed within 3 months 




Incorporated performance somatic coaching with your TRE® sessions

3 x 1.5 hours TRE® with executive somatic coaching, completed within 3 months


TRE® Families Package

Parents and children

Maybe you’ve tried TRE® and you’re wondering if your kids can benefit too? The short answer is yes, of course!

It’s a modality the whole family can (and should!) use.

TRE® enhances the parent-child relationship and supports children through their development, builds trust, focus, creativity and innovation.

If your children are struggling with school, or you want to equip them with the best possible skills to handle stress, please consider TRE®.

I incorporate play and art therapy with the kids TRE® sessions to get them to open up, reflect, connect with their emotions and develop their confidence.

  • First session
    Parents are introduced to TRE®

  • Second session
    Child induction and introduction to TRE® (parents observe)

  • Third and fourth sessions
    Child and parents doing TRE®

  • Fifth session
    Parents guiding child in TRE® and guiding parent to have conversations before and after TRE® for areas of improvement



5 x TRE® sessions

Each session is 2.5 hours carried out over 4 months

Overcome your stress/anxiety package

Description : 5 sessions of 1 hour face to face private individual sessions with our certified provider. Get full personalized attention and learn at your own pace with our certified provider. Upon completing this package, you will feel confident to practice TRE® at the comfort of your own home, safely and assuredly. For optimize results, this package is to be completed within 3 months

What you will get :

  1. Personalized coaching of your learning of TRE® catering specifically for your circumstance
    Customized intervention to assist you to overcome your pull back
  2. You will likely achieve better quality of sleep, have clarity of mind, feel safe and grounded in
  3. your body, release trapped emotions and physical sensations which have been de-powering you

Priced at $700 (instead of the normal price of $800)

Team bonding sessions

We run workshops using TRE® to assist greater harmony, alignment and teamwork for greater team performance