Boost the performance of your team and organization

My corporate programs take your team on transformational journey to improve performance, communication, confidence, team cohesion, and personal wellness.

I use a combination of performance somatic coaching, tension release exercises, productivity methodology, group facilitation and skills development workshops to drive individual development, team effectiveness and organisational growth.

It’s a unique approach.

Using somatic (body), ontological (being) and psychological (mind) modalities, I surface personal and organisational blocks that create inefficiencies, miscommunication, conflict and stress. Once root issues are surfaced, I work one-on-one and with the team as a whole to apply TRE®, somatic coaching and productivity support.

TRE® is a technique proven to release fear, tension and stress buried in our bodies. Combined with somatic coaching and productivity practices, it builds emotional resilience, confidence and wellness, while building something called “limbic resonance” within the team to improve communication and performance.

I offer workshops and transformation programs.

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