Linda Ng

Ayden Lim

Veronica Tan

Thanks for introducing TRE to our family. The boys enjoyed the session a lot and I am surprised that they hv requested to "shake" again after their very first session with you. Ayden (10) being very sensitive about his body has began to feel confidence and calmness after every session.

Thankful that as a parent, I get to understand a child's emotions better through TRE. Hidden emotions which our children might not know how to share.

Simply glad that we have started TRE with you and will definitely continue doing it to release the tension we feel everyday. Hope more people out there can benefit from this Tension Release Exercise

Pauline Soo
Mother of 3 children

After TRE®, I experienced a calmness and my thoughts weren’t so all over the place. I also felt more grounded. Cassandra is excellent as a guide and I felt safe too.

Sophia Tan
Financial adviser

I had an amazing enriching session of TRE. Ms. Cassandra has taught me/ us “shaking” session. Interesting and good as 1st time encountering “shaking”. Thank u.

Caroline Choo

I was feeling kinda low over the past couple of weeks with certain situations that had probably taken a toll on my emotional self, and called for a session with Cassandra - my first time. It began with some stretches which I thought was good as warm up... but the final 20 minutes impacted me enough to have my face suddenly brighten up when I looked into the mirror as I was changing. Something rather mind blowing followed in the next few days.. I had some clarity and a certain freedom overwhelmed me to stand up for what I needed to do; and creative juices just exploded for me. Be open. The results can be pretty unexpected.

Veronica Tan
Certified experienced colour therapist

I have had 3 TRE sessions with Cassandra and the experience has been very positive. I was suffering severe muscle tension and since attending, I feel way more relaxed and the muscle tension has reduced substantially. Cassandra had also coached me on how to do TRE at home which is great resource. Highly recommend working with Cassandra and COMB.

Rory Van Den Berg
Property Developer