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The seat is much hotter in an SME or a start-up. Priority is to get it up and running and turning into a sustainable mode fast. Immediate concerns and being on edge, urgent and living on the fast lane is the typical flavour – it is survival of the fittest and the swiftest to adjust to changing dynamics.

The teams and managers would want to be in the same pulse and heart beat. It is important to be firmly grounded in the end goal, engaged and committed at the same level are crucial for success. Having the motivation, clarity, drive and tenacity are critical – much like a football competition for the coveted trophy.

However, these 2 terms do not necessarily go hand in hand in the same direction. More often than not, there is an inverse relationship between fast and well.

The eventual success in sales and turnover will translate into expansion to solidify the company’s position and sustainable culture to develop. However, your team currently might be doing well. The sense of trust and a sense of loyalty though might be less than ideal. Because of this, management will tend to be a heavy top down approach.

COMB’s impact of tweaking and reigning in the team will help strike that balance of somatic awareness, stress management and nimbleness – with safety, openness and empowerment toward success. Team work makes the dream work.

The potential results can significantly narrow the gap from merely being good to soliciting outstanding team performance.

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