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Hi I’m Cassandra Nadira Lee.

My team and I assist individuals, families and organization to eliminate stress + increase performance through MindBody connection

In other words: I believe that to fulfil your potential and find a deep sense of calm and clarity, you need to deepen your relationship to your body.

There is a natural healing force within each one of us and
by tapping into your innate body wisdom, you can experience immediate and life-altering results.

“I was feeling low over the weeks and called for a session with Cassandra. Something mind blowing followed in the following few days... I had clarity and a certain freedom to stand up for what I needed to do; the creative juices overflowed.”

“Ayden (10) being very sensitive about his body, feels confidence and calmness after every session. I’m thankful that as a parent, I get to understand my child's emotions better – especially the hidden emotions which children might not know how to share. I’m glad we started TRE and hope more people out there can benefit from this Tension Release Exercise.”

“After the session, I experienced a calmness and my thoughts weren’t all over the place. I felt grounded. Cassandra is excellent as a guide”

Through “somatic” coaching and a process called TRE® I show you HOW.

Somatic coaching and TRE® are rooted in the idea that our biology and psychology are intertwined.

Memories, emotions, and even stress and trauma are stored in our muscles and tissues.

Through TRE® (tension release exercise) you can remove stress from your body, as well as deeply embedded patterns of behaviour that don’t serve you.  Somatic coaching then expands your capacity to move forward and get results.

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My Story

My two sons and my husband are my greatest teachers.

And although I’ve always believed in somatic coaching, I embraced TRE® because of my son.

One day, my elder boy came home from school with his shoulders drooped, his head hanging down as if he was defeated.

As a trained ontological coach, I could immediately tell his “contracting” position meant he was feeling negative. I approached him with care and asked what happened.

His reply shook me to the core.

He said his school teacher said he must do well for his school examination or he would be a good for nothing… that he would be a failure.(this is what he heard)

For the first time in his life, my son said he was stressed. He was only 9 years old! I was furious!

How could the teacher say such things?

In our family, we do our best to keep our environment as holistic as possible, inculcating personal values, religious practices, pursuit of passion and contribution beyond academic achievement.

Yet, at that moment, my son succumbed to different bigger environment: school. I realised whatever he learns will affect him and I cannot prevent him from feeling inadequate or worse, STRESSED!

As a mother, I asked myself what can I do to support my son to grow stronger and even fight stress?

He was willing to share with me, but what about his teenage years and beyond? What about other issues he might not be opened to talk about?

That was the moment I decided to use TRE®

I rest easier knowing I have equipped my son with an emotional management technique he can use for the rest of his life.

Another motivation for me is the disturbing story of the Stanford undergraduate who raped an unconscious woman. You may have heard he was only sentenced to 6 months in jail.

It was so upsetting. The medical report that said the victim would remember this tragedy for the rest of her life – her body memory would remind her every time she is in contact with someone else.

I asked myself, “What life is this young woman going to lead? How cruel and painful is it for her to be reminded of something she is not responsible for?”

When TRE® presented itself as a tool for healing tension and PTSD, I never turned back. I wanted to learn a skill that could help anyone live successfully again, not being punished and being able to march courageously forward and live a triumph life.

As a certified coach trained in multiple modalities, it’s my passion to bring stress release, emotional intelligence tools and transformative techniques to help individuals, families, teams and oragnizations resolve conflicts and achieve fulfilment.

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